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Subject: y d ppl of bd so shy 2 chat
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lonely4e 4.06.08 - 05:40pm
i always wished 2 chat some ppl 4m bangladesh in d chat rums but i rarely found someone there.i knw there r a lot of bd ppl ere on pro.y r dey so shy 2 chat in d rums can anybody tell me dat *

lonely4e 4.06.08 - 05:42pm
i knw d ppl in bd is vry frndly so i'm hurt 2 find it! *

lonely4e 4.06.08 - 05:44pm
dis kinda action could easily b misunderstood so come on n join d rums dear frnds *

lonely4e 4.06.08 - 05:49pm
if there is some more ppl 4m bd,surely i'll feel more comfort there *

lonely4e 4.06.08 - 05:51pm
spcl thnx 2 mona,i found her there in d rums *

lonely4e 4.06.08 - 05:54pm
n thnx 2 d bangla speaking ppl 4m west bengal also,cz i can't speak english well n i've enough reason 2 feel shy there but dey helped me much,spcly 075t.thnx a lot dear frnd *

zerin_17 15.11.08 - 04:06pm
I never found bd ppl c8in in rums.Cn ne1 tell me y?Nd thr is no rum 4 bd ppl.Its a prblm *

lonely4e 25.12.08 - 04:24pm
but there is an international rum 4 chattin'.we can chat dere if we wanna do it in our own language *

tonen 5.03.09 - 09:51am
yeah.it's a very complicated ting dat bd pplz r rarely founded in da chat room.and same 2 zerin dat one cause is thea is no particular chat room fo da bd pplz. *

tonen 5.03.09 - 09:54am
yeah.dat's true.we cn chat in the international chat room.bt now-a-days many sub-domain r creating,iN wich peachful chatting is available.n sme of them is out n out bangladeshi. *

tonen 5.03.09 - 09:57am
nother cause of shortage of chat ppl may b dat s.s.c xm is going on.a lot of memba r quite busy 4 da cause of xm.like me. *

kewmew 30.01.10 - 09:49am
Hello my frndz..join with our chat community KewMew.net .1st site of Bangladesh running directly in 20countries. join n help us grow.remembr www.kewMew.net *

priobang 10.03.10 - 02:12pm
http://wap.pbadda.com *

priobang 25.03.10 - 06:52pm
bangladeshi wap chat
http://chat.pbadda.com *

ragib102 28.11.13 - 06:04pm
bd boys are so shy because we are clean frm heart and mind.i am a bd boy.u wanna chat with me? *

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